Our stories: Herman

My name is Herman and I’m from Uganda. I came to the UK in 2015.

Before I came to the UK I was living a hopeless and fearful life. I was living in secret as a gay man, in fear of persecution from my family and the community. My life felt meaningless to me and I often thought about ending it all.

Back in Uganda, my job was about brain injury and disabilities. That’s what originally brought me to the UK – to attend a conference and learn more about these areas. I sought asylum because I wanted to live in a country where I would not be afraid. I was excited to be able to live openly.

The challenge is the asylum process. It is long and frustrating. I am looking forward to my next immigration court hearing but I am worried that I face my sexuality being disbelieved, which triggers my depression.

I am proud to be who I am: a gay Ugandan man.