Say It Loud Club provides LGBTQ+ asylum seekers and refugees with one-to-one mentoring, workshops, social events, peer support, help in crisis, and referral to partner organisations for legal, financial, health and housing support.

We rely on our incredible community of supporters so that we can continue our work. Donate today to join us in helping LGBTQ+ refugees find safety, happiness, and pride in the UK.

how your donation will help

£5 could help an LGBTQ+ refugee attend a social event for the first time, where they will meet their new community.

With £10 we can refer an LGBTQ+ refugee to a solicitor with expertise in asylum on the grounds of sexuality.

£20 means we can find psychological support for an LGBTQ+ refugee to help them recover from trauma.


£50 covers a workshop for up to 80 LGBTQ+ refugees, on topics ranging from accessing a GP to coming out

£100 gives an LGBTQ+ refugee emotional support and advocacy during their immigration tribunal.

£500 pays for 12 one-to-one mentoring sessions for a new member.