Our stories: Daphine

My name is Daphine Adikini and I originally come from Uganda, in the Eastern part of Africa.

Life for me back home became hard when my sexuality was found out. I was brutally punished by my own family – taken from traditional doctor to traditional doctor all in the name of healing me. This didn’t change a thing, and made my life even worse as I started getting abused by the traditional doctor.

I wanted to come to the UK so I could be free, live freely, and not fear for my life. I have sought asylum and am still waiting for a response from the Home Office. The waiting is a challenge but at least there is no fear of torture unlike if I was in Uganda…

In the future, I hope to continue working with charities to help other people to ‘come out’ and express their sexuality. I want to give something back to the charities that have helped me.

I am proud to be me because I am not afraid anymore.