Our response to the crisis in Afghanistan

We at Say It Loud Club are heartbroken watching the situation in Afghanistan as people desperately try to find ways to escape the country and find safety. As a community of refugees and asylum seekers, we know how it feels to have your basic rights taken away from you and to live in fear for […]

Our response to the Nationality and Borders Bill

At Say It Loud Club, we are outraged by this government’s decision to continue with their ‘Nationality and Borders’ bill despite universal opposition from every organisation supporting refugees and people claiming asylum in the UK. This cruel bill will harm every person needing safety and asylum in the UK, and will disproportionately discriminate against LGBTQ+ […]

Speaking out against Home Office proposals for a new asylum system

We at Say it Loud Club are horrified by the changes to the UK’s asylum system being proposed by the Home Office. Among the many proposed changes, the following proposals would disproportionately discriminate against LGBTQ+ people seeking asylum: Requiring all evidence to be submitted at the first point of asylum application. Fast-tracking the appeals process […]

End the deportation of homeless refugees: Write to your MP

In October 2020, the UK government introduced new immigration rules which allow immigration officers to deport or refuse asylum to those who have experienced street homelessness. At Say it Loud Club, we are appalled by these new rules targeting the most vulnerable people in the UK, treating them with cruelty and contempt at a time […]